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> The idea is you would dedicate one of the servers in the chassis to be a
> Solaris system, which then presents NFS out to the rest of the hosts.  

Actually, I looked into a configuration like this, and found it's useful in
some cases - 

VMware boots from a dumb disk, and does PCI pass-thru, presenting the raw
HBA to solaris.  Create your pools, and export on the Virtual Switch, so
VMware can then use the storage to hold other VM's.  Since it's going across
only a CPU limited virtual ethernet switch, it should be nearly as fast as
local access to the disk.  In theory.  But not in practice.

I found that the max throughput of the virtual switch is around 2-3Gbit/sec.
Nevermind ZFS or storage or anything.  Simply the CPU limited virtual switch
is a bottleneck.  

I see they're developing virtual switches with cisco and intel.  Maybe it'll
improve.  But I suspect they're probably adding more functionality (QoS,
etc) rather than focusing on performance.

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