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> Hmm, of course the *latency* of Ethernet has always been much less, but
> I did not see it reaching the *throughput* of a single direct attached
> disk until gigabit.

Nobody runs a single disk except in laptops, which is of course not a
relevant datum for this conversation.  If you want to remotely attach
storage, you'll need at least 1Gb per disk, if not more.  This is assuming
the bus is dedicated to storage traffic and nothing else.

Yes, 10G ether is relevant, but for the same price, IB will get 4x the
bandwidth and 10x smaller latency.  So ...

Supposing you have a single local disk and you have a dedicated 1Gb ethernet
to use for mirroring that device to something like an iscsi remote device...
That's probably reasonable.  

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