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> Hi
> Sorry to cross-posting. I don't knwon which mailing-list I should post this
> message.
> I'll would like to use FreeBSD with ZFS on some Dell server with some
> MD1200 (classique DAS).
> When we buy a MD1200 we need a RAID PERC H800 card on the server so we have
> two options :
>        1/ create a LV on the PERC H800 so the server see one volume and put
>        the zpool on this unique volume and let the hardware manage the
>        raid.
>        2/ create 12 LV on the perc H800 (so without raid) and let FreeBSD
>        and ZFS manage the raid.
> which one is the best solution ?


The best solution is to find a controller which can pass the disk as
JBOD (not encapsulated as virtual disk). Failing that, I'd go with (1)
(though others might disagree).

> Any advise about the RAM I need on the server (actually one MD1200 so 12x2To 
> disk)

The more the better :)

Just make sure do NOT use dedup untul you REALLY know what you're
doing (which usually means buying lots of RAM and SSD for L2ARC).

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