On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 4:33 PM, Albert Shih <albert.s...@obspm.fr> wrote:
>> > Any advise about the RAM I need on the server (actually one MD1200 so 
>> > 12x2To disk)
>> The more the better :)
> Well, my employer is not so rich.
> It's first time I'm going to use ZFS on FreeBSD on production (I use on my
> laptop but that's mean nothing), so what's in your opinion the minimum ram
> I need ? Is something like 48 Go is enough ?

If you don't use dedup (recommended), should be more than enough.

If you use dedup, search zfs-discuss archive for some calculation method posted.

For comparison purposes, you could also look at Oracle's zfs storage
appliance configuration:

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