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Sorry to cross-posting. I don't knwon which mailing-list I should post this

I'll would like to use FreeBSD with ZFS on some Dell server with some
MD1200 (classique DAS).

When we buy a MD1200 we need a RAID PERC H800 card on the server so we have
two options :

        1/ create a LV on the PERC H800 so the server see one volume and put
        the zpool on this unique volume and let the hardware manage the

        2/ create 12 LV on the perc H800 (so without raid) and let FreeBSD
        and ZFS manage the raid.

which one is the best solution ?


The best solution is to find a controller which can pass the disk as
JBOD (not encapsulated as virtual disk). Failing that, I'd go with (1)
(though others might disagree).

No go with 2. ALWAYS let ZFS manage the redundancy otherwise it can't self-heal.

Darren J Moffat
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