It is on openindiana 151a, no separate /var as far as But I'll have to
test this on solaris11 too when I get a chance.

The problem is that if I

zfs mount -o mountpoint=/tmp/rescue (or whatever) rpool/ROOT/openindiana

i get a cannot mount /mnt/rpool: directory is not empty.

The reason for that is that I had to do a zpool import -R /mnt/rpool
rpool (or wherever I mount it it doesnt matter) before I could do a
zfs mount, else I dont have access to the rpool zpool for zfs to do
its thing.

chicken / egg situation? I miss the old fail safe boot menu...

On 11/29/11, Mike Gerdts <> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 3:01 PM, Francois Dion <>
> wrote:
>> I've hit an interesting (not) problem. I need to remove a problematic
>> ld.config file (due to an improper crle...) to boot my laptop. This is
>> OI 151a, but fundamentally this is zfs, so i'm asking here.
>> what I did after booting the live cd and su:
>> mkdir /tmp/disk
>> zpool import -R /tmp/disk -f rpool
>> export shows up in there and rpool also, but in rpool there is only
>> boot and etc.
>> zfs list shows rpool/ROOT/openindiana as mounted on /tmp/disk and I
>> see dump and swap, but no var. rpool/ROOT shows as legacy, so I
>> figured, maybe mount that.
>> mount -F zfs rpool/ROOT /mnt/rpool
> That dataset (rpool/ROOT) should never have any files in it.  It is
> just a "container" for boot environments.  You can see which boot
> environments exist with:
> zfs list -r rpool/ROOT
> If you are running Solaris 11, the boot environment's root dataset
> will show a mountpoint property value of /.  Assuming it is called
> "solaris" you can mount it with:
> zfs mount -o mountpoint=/mnt/rpool rpool/ROOT/solaris
> If the system is running Solaris 11 (and was not updated from Solaris
> 11 Express), it will have a separate /var dataset.
> zfs mount -o mountpoint=/mnt/rpool/var rpool/ROOT/solaris/var
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> Mike Gerdts
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