In the end what I needed to do was to set the mountpoint with:

zfs set mountpoint=/tmp/rescue rpool/ROOT/openindiana

it ended up mounting it in /mnt/rpool/tmp/rescue but still, it gave me
the access to var/ld/... and after removing the ld.config, doing a
zpool export and reboot, my desktop is back.

Thanks for the pointers. "man zfs" did mention mountpoint as a valid
option, not sure why it didnt work. as for mount -F zfs... it only
works on legacy.

On 11/29/11, Mike Gerdts <> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Francois Dion <>
> wrote:
>> It is on openindiana 151a, no separate /var as far as But I'll have to
>> test this on solaris11 too when I get a chance.
>> The problem is that if I
>> zfs mount -o mountpoint=/tmp/rescue (or whatever) rpool/ROOT/openindiana
>> i get a cannot mount /mnt/rpool: directory is not empty.
>> The reason for that is that I had to do a zpool import -R /mnt/rpool
>> rpool (or wherever I mount it it doesnt matter) before I could do a
>> zfs mount, else I dont have access to the rpool zpool for zfs to do
>> its thing.
>> chicken / egg situation? I miss the old fail safe boot menu...
> You can mount it pretty much anywhere:
> mkdir /tmp/foo
> zfs mount -o mountpoint=/tmp/foo ...
> I'm not sure when the temporary mountpoint option (-o mountpoint=...)
> came in. If it's not valid syntax then:
> mount -F zfs rpool/ROOT/solaris /tmp/foo
> --
> Mike Gerdts
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