On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 04:04:37PM +0400, Jim Klimov wrote:
> I would not be surprised to see that there is some disk IO
> adding delays for the second case (read of a deduped file
> "clone"), because you still have to determine references
> to this second file's blocks, and another path of on-disk
> blocks might lead to it from a separate inode in a separate
> dataset (or I might be wrong). Reading this second path of
> pointers to the same cached data blocks might decrease speed
> a little.

As I said, ZFS reading path involves no dedup code. No at all.
The proof would be being able to boot from ZFS with dedup turned on
eventhough ZFS boot code has 0 dedup code in it. Another proof would be
ZFS source code.

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