Not exactly. What is dedup'ed is the stream only, which is infect not very
efficient. Real dedup aware replication is taking the necessary steps to
avoid sending a block that exists on the other storage system.

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On 12/8/11 1:39 PM, "Darren J Moffat" <> wrote:

>On 12/07/11 20:48, Mertol Ozyoney wrote:
>> Unfortunetly the answer is no. Neither l1 nor l2 cache is dedup aware.
>> The only vendor i know that can do this is Netapp
>> In fact , most of our functions, like replication is not dedup aware.
>> For example, thecnicaly it's possible to optimize our replication that
>> it does not send daya chunks if a data chunk with the same chechsum
>> exists in target, without enabling dedup on target and source.
>We already do that with 'zfs send -D':
>          -D
>              Perform dedup processing on the stream. Deduplicated
>              streams  cannot  be  received on systems that do not
>              support the stream deduplication feature.
>Darren J Moffat

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