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>> Perhaps Apple can come to an agreement with Oracle when they couldn't with
>> Sun.
> This seems very unlikely since the future needs of Apple show little
> requirement for zfs.  Apple only offers one computer model which provides
> ECC and a disk drive configuration which is marginally useful for zfs.  This
> computer model has a very limited user-base which is primarily people in the
> video and desktop imaging/publishing world. Apple already exited the server
> market, for which they only ever offered single limited-use model (Xserve).

As an FS for their TimeMachine NAS boxes (Time Capsule, I think),
though, ZFS would be a good fit.  Similar to how the Time Slider works
in Sun/Oracle's version of Nautilus/GNOME2.  Especially if they expand
the boxes to use 4 drives (2x mirror), and had the pool

As a desktop/laptop FS, though, ZFS (in its current incarnation) is
overkill and unwieldy.  Especially since most of these machines only
have room for a single HD.

> There would likely be a market if someone was to sell pre-packaged zfs for
> Apple OS-X at a much higher price than the operating system itself.
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