On Mon, January 16, 2012 11:22, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> This seems very unlikely since the future needs of Apple show little
> requirement for zfs.  Apple only offers one computer model which
> provides ECC and a disk drive configuration which is marginally useful
> for zfs.  This computer model has a very limited user-base which is
> primarily people in the video and desktop imaging/publishing world.
> Apple already exited the server market, for which they only ever
> offered single limited-use model (Xserve).

Having "real" snapshots would certainly help Time Machine. That said,
Apple has managed to add on-disk Time Machine snapshots and better
encryption in 10.7 (Lion) via a logical file manager:


Zpools aren't the only feature in ZFS after all. Oh well.

> There would likely be a market if someone was to sell pre-packaged zfs
> for Apple OS-X at a much higher price than the operating system
> itself.

Already a product:


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