Hello all,

Trying to reply to everyone so far in one post.

casper....@oracle.com said

> Did you try:
>       iostat -En

I issued that command and I see (soft) errors from all 4 drives. There is a
serial no. field in the message headers but it is has no contents.

> messages in /var/adm/messages perhaps?  They should include the path
> to the disk in error.

Success, thank you! It has the serial numbers of the drives along with the
path. I had the path before but I couldn't relate it to the physical
connectors on the mobo. The serial number is what I needed. 

Edward Ned Harvey said:

> A few things you could do...
> This will read for 1 second, then pause for one second.  Hopefully making a
> nice consistent blinking light for you to find in your server.
> export baddisk=/dev/rdsk/cXtYdZ
> while true ; do dd if=$baddisk of=/dev/null bs=1024k count=128 ; sleep 1 ;
> done

Alas this is a desktop box and there is one LED that lights for any disk 

> But if you don't have lights or something...
> The safest thing for you to do is to zpool export, then shutdown, remove
> one disk.  Power on, devfsadm -Cv, and try to zpool import -a When the bad
> disk is gone, you'll be able to import no problem. If you accidentally
> pull the wrong disk, it will not cause any harm.  Pool will refuse to
> import.

Sounds like a good plan b. I will keep this in mind. Since I got the serial
number from  /var/adm/messages I am good to go.

I couldn't copy and paste Jim's message since he posted with MIME instead of
regular ASCII test. Thank you Jim for the help.

This turned out to be a Solaris question not a ZFS question. Sorry and thank
you Casper and Jim and Edward Ned!

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