Richard Elling said

> If the errors bubble up to ZFS, then they will be shown in the output of
> "zpool status"

On the console I was seeing retryable read errors that eventually
failed. The block number and drive path were included but not any info I
could relate to the actual disk.

zpool status showed a nonzero count of READ errors but nothing more.

> Otherwise, you can use "iostat -En," as Casper noted, to show the error
> counters per disk. For more detailed information, use "fmdump -eV" 

What I needed was to identify the drive and Casper and Jim's suggestion to
look at /var/adm/messages was where I found the info. It is just a drive
going bad AFAIK and ZFS is working fine including letting me detach the bad
drive from a mirror and not screwing up my data. Thanks again to everyone.

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