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> While I'm not in need of upgrading my server at an emergency level, I'm
> starting to think about it -- to be prepared (and an upgrade could be
> triggered by a failure at this point; my server dates to 2006).

There are only a few options for you to consider.  I don't know which ones
support encryption, or which ones offer an upgrade path from your version of
opensolaris, but I figure you can probably easily evaluate each of the
options for your own purposes.

No matter which you use, I assume you will be exporting the data pool, and
later importing it.  But the OS will either need to be wiped and reinstalled
from scratch, or obviously, follow your upgrade path (which has never worked
for me; I invariably end up wiping the OS and reinstalling.  Good thing I
keep documentation about how I configure my OS.)

Nexenta, OpenIndiana, Solaris 11 Express (free version only permitted for
certain uses, no regular updates available), or commercial Solaris.

If you consider paying for solaris - at Oracle, you just pay them for "An
OS" and they don't care which one you use.  Could be oracle linux, solaris,
or solaris express.  I would recommend solaris 11 express based on personal
experience.  It gets bugfixes and new features sooner than commercial

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