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> This is already getting useful; "which has never worked for me" for
> example is the sort of observation I find informative, since I've been
> seeing your name around here for some time and have the general
> impression
> that you're not stupid or incompetent.

Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I'm not stupid or incompetent.  ;-)
I basically never trust anything, and avoid all processes that introduce any
variability into a process that I want to be repeatable.  For example, if a
server goes down in a horrible display, I want to know I can bring up a new
replacement doing the same stuff.  So I document the whole setup process
from blank disks to operation.  I know I can do that again in the future -
But I don't want to perform an "upgrade" in the future.  So I habitually
avoid doing it.  Not on solaris, windows, macs, linux, or anywhere, as long
as I can avoid it.  I'm OCD about avoiding OS upgrades.

Other people here would be able to speak much better than me, about whether
or not the "upgrade" process works, under which situations, given what
caveats, etc.

So, the opinion I expressed above is not so much a reflection of what's good
for you, as it is a reflection of my personal psychoses.

"Never worked for me," in this case, basically means I tried upgrading from
one opensolaris to another... which went horribly wrong...  And even when
applying system updates (paid commercial solaris 10 support, applying
security patches etc) those often cause problems too.  But I wouldn't call
them "horribly wrong."

I've never tried going from opensolaris to any other OS... Sol, Nex, OI.

> I was going to say the commercial version wasn't an option -- but on
> consideration, I haven't done the research to determine that.  So that's a
> task (how hard can it be to find out how much they want?).

You mean, how much it costs?  http://oracle.com  click on "Store," and
"Solaris."  Looks like $1,000 per socket per year for 1-4 sockets.

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