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>> This is already getting useful; "which has never worked for me" for
>> example is the sort of observation I find informative, since I've been
>> seeing your name around here for some time and have the general
>> impression
>> that you're not stupid or incompetent.
> Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I'm not stupid or incompetent.  ;-)

I resemble that remark!

But, slightly more seriously, I've read what you said, not just noticed
the volume :-).

> "Never worked for me," in this case, basically means I tried upgrading
> from
> one opensolaris to another... which went horribly wrong...  And even when
> applying system updates (paid commercial solaris 10 support, applying
> security patches etc) those often cause problems too.  But I wouldn't call
> them "horribly wrong."

I've gotten at least that to work a few times.  But for me, keeping up
with OS upgrades is one of the most important sysadmin tasks.  Otherwise,
you're leaving unpatched vulnerabilities sitting around.

>> I was going to say the commercial version wasn't an option -- but on
>> consideration, I haven't done the research to determine that.  So that's
>> a
>> task (how hard can it be to find out how much they want?).
> You mean, how much it costs?  http://oracle.com  click on "Store," and
> "Solaris."  Looks like $1,000 per socket per year for 1-4 sockets.

You beat me to it.  And if that's the order of magnitude, then I was right
the first time, the commercial versions are completely out of the
question.  I might, if I felt really friendly towards Oracle, consider a
one-shot payment of 1/10 or maybe a little more :-).
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