On 03/ 3/12 11:57 AM, Ian Collins wrote:

I am problems sending some snapshots between two fully up to date
Solaris 11 systems:

zfs send -i tank/live/fs@20120226_0705 tank/live/fs@20120226_1105 | ssh
remote zfs receive -vd fileserver/live
receiving incremental stream of tank/live/fs@20120226_1105 into
cannot receive incremental stream: invalid backup stream

Both pools and filesystems are at the latest revision.  Most the other
filesystems in the pool can be sent without issues.

The filesystem was upgraded yesterday, which is when the problems
stared.  The snapshots are from 26/02.

Other filesystems that were upgraded yesterday receive fine, so I don't
think the problem is directly related to the upgrade.

Any ideas?

I haven't had a solution from support yet, but I do have a workaround if anyone else encounters the same problem.

I sent the snapshot to a file, coped the file to the remote host and piped the file into zfs receive. That worked and I was able to send further snapshots with ssh.



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