On 03/10/12 01:48 AM, Jim Klimov wrote:
2012-03-09 9:24, Ian Collins wrote:
I sent the snapshot to a file, coped the file to the remote host and
piped the file into zfs receive. That worked and I was able to send
further snapshots with ssh.

Is it possible that in case of "zfs send ... | ssh | zfs recv"
piping, the two ZFS processes can have some sort of dialog and
misunderstanding in your case; while zfs-sending to a file has
no dialog and some commonly-working default format/assumptions?

As a wild guess, two systems might have different opinions for
example regarding dedup during dialog, while it was not even
considered when passing through files?

Both systems are identical (same hardware, same SRU).

The receive also fails if the output of the libzfs zfs_send() function is connected through a socket to zfs_receive() on the other box.

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