On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 7:28 PM, Jim Klimov <jimkli...@cos.ru> wrote:
> 2012-03-26 14:27, Aubrey Li wrote:
>> The php temporary folder is set to /tmp, which is tmpfs.
> By the way, how much RAM does the box have available?
> "tmpfs" in Solaris is backed by "virtual memory".
> It is like a RAM disk, although maybe slower than ramdisk
> FS as seen in livecd, as long as there is enough free
> RAM, but then tmpfs can get swapped out to disk.
> If your installation followed the default wizard, your
> swap (or part of it) could be in rpool/swap and backed
> by ZFS - leading to both many tmpfs accesses and many
> ZFS accesses. (No idea about the mutex spinning part
> though - if it is normal or not).
> Also I'm not sure if tmpfs gets the benefits of caching,
> and ZFS ARC cache can consume lots of RAM and thus push
> tmpfs out to swap.
> As a random guess, try pointing PHP tmp directory to
> /var/tmp (backed by zfs) and see if any behaviors change?
> Good luck,
> //Jim

Thanks for your suggestions. Actually the default PHP tmp directory
was /var/tmp, and I changed "/var/tmp" to "/tmp". This reduced zfs
root lock contention significantly. However, I still see a bunch of lock
contention. So I'm here ask for help.

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