One of the glories of Solaris is that it is so very observable. Then there are the many excellent blog posts, wiki entries, and books - some or which are authored by contributors to this very thread - explaining how Solaris works. But these virtues are also a snare to some, and it is not uncommon for even experienced practitioners to become fixated by this or that.

Aubrey, a 70:30 user to system ratio is pretty respectable. Running at 100% is not so pretty (e.g. I would be surprised if you DIDN'T see many involuntary context switches (icsw) in such a scenario). Esteemed experts have assured you that ZFS lock contention is not you main concern. I would run with that.

You said it was a stress test. That raises many questions for me. I am much more interested in how systems perform in the real world. In my experience, many of the issues we find in production are not the ones we found in the lab. Indeed, I would argue that too many systems are tuned to run simplistic benchmarks instead of real workloads.

However, I don't think it's helpful to continue this discussion here. There are some esteemed experienced practitioners "out there" who would be only too happy to provide holistic systems performance tuning and health check services to you on a commercial basis (I hear that some may even accept PayPal).

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