On 17/04/2012 16:40, Carsten John wrote:
Hello everybody,

just to let you know what happened in the meantime:

I was able to open a Service Request at Oracle.

The issue is a known bug (Bug 6742788 : assertion panic at: zfs:zap_deref_leaf)

The bug has bin fixed (according to Oracle support) since build 164, but there 
is no fix for Solaris 11 available so far (will be fixed in S11U7?).

There is a workaround available that works (partly), but my system crashed 
again when trying to rebuild the offending zfs within the affected zpool.

At the moment I'm waiting for a so called "interim diagnostic relief" patch....

so are you on s11, can I see pkg info entire

this bug is fixed in FCS s11 release, as that is 175b, and it got fixed in build 164. So if you have solaris 11 that CR is fixed.

In solaris 10 it is fixed in 147440-14/147441-14 ( sparc/x86 )




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