Hi Carsten,

Am 17.04.12 17:40, schrieb Carsten John:
Hello everybody,

just to let you know what happened in the meantime:

I was able to open a Service Request at Oracle.

The issue is a known bug (Bug 6742788 : assertion panic at: zfs:zap_deref_leaf)

The bug has bin fixed (according to Oracle support) since build 164, but there 
is no fix for Solaris 11 available so far (will be fixed in S11U7?).

There is a workaround available that works (partly), but my system crashed 
again when trying to rebuild the offending zfs within the affected zpool.

At the moment I'm waiting for a so called "interim diagnostic relief" patch....



Afaik, bug 6742788 is fixed in S11 FCS (release) but you might be hitting this bug: 7098658. This bug, according to MOS, is still unresolved. My solution is to mount the affected zfs fs in read-only mode upon importing the zpool and setting it to rw afterwards.

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