On 05/ 7/12 03:42 PM, Greg Mason wrote:
I am currently trying to get two of these things running Illumian. I don't have 
any particular performance requirements, so I'm thinking of using some sort of 
supported hypervisor, (either RHEL and KVM or VMware ESXi) to get around the 
driver support issues, and passing the disks through to an Illumian guest.

The H310 does indeed support pass-through (the non-raid mode), but one thing to 
keep in mind is that I was only able to configure a single boot disk. I 
configured the rear two drives into a hardware raid 1 and set the virtual disk 
as the boot disk so that I can still boot the system if an OS disk fails.

Once Illumos is better supported on the R720 and the PERC H310, I plan to get 
rid of the hypervisor silliness and run Illumos on bare metal.

Thank you for the feedback Greg.

Using a hypervisor layer is our fall-back position. My next attempt would be SmartOs if I can't get the cards swapped (the R720 currently has a Broadcom 5720 NIC).


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