On 05/28/12 08:55 PM, Sašo Kiselkov wrote:
On 05/28/2012 10:48 AM, Ian Collins wrote:
To follow up, the H310 appears to be useless in non-raid mode.

The drives do show up in Solaris 11 format, but they show up as
unknown, unformatted drives.  One oddity is the box has two SATA
SSDs which also show up the card's BIOS, but present OK to

I'd like to re-FLASH the cards, but I don't think Dell would be
too happy with me doing that on an evaluation system...
If the drives show up at all, chances are you only need to work around
the power-up issue in Dell HDD firmware.

Here's what I had to do to get the drives going in my R515:

sd-config-list = "SEAGATE ST3300657SS", "power-condition:false",
                  "SEAGATE ST2000NM0001", "power-condition:false";

(that's for Seagate 300GB 15k SAS and 2TB 7k2 SAS drives, depending on
your drive model the strings might differ)

How would that work when the drive type is unknown (to format)? I assumed if sd knows the type, so will format.


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