are those DELL branded WD disks? DELL tends to manipulate the firmware of
the drives so that power handling with Solaris fails. If this is the case

Easiest way to make it work is to modify /kernel/drv/sd.conf and add an
for your specific drive similar to this

sd-config-list= "WD      WD2000FYYG","power-condition:false",
                "SEAGATE ST2000NM0001","power-condition:false",
                "SEAGATE ST32000644NS","power-condition:false",
                "SEAGATE ST91000640SS","power-condition:false";

Naturally you would have to find out the correct drive names. My latest
version for a R710 with a MD1200 attached is:

sd-config-list="SEAGATE ST2000NM0001","power-condition:false",
        "SEAGATE ST1000NM0001","power-condition:false",
        "SEAGATE ST91000640SS","power-condition:false";

Are you using the H200 with the base firmware or did you flash it to LSI IT?
I am not sure that Solaris handles the H200 natively at all and if then it
will not have direct drive access since the H200 will only show virtual
drives to Solaris/OI will it not?

Kind regards,

PS: These are not my findings. Cudos to Sergei (tehc...@gmail.com) and
Niklas Tungström.

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Betreff:  [zfs-discuss] Dell PERC H200: drive failed to power up

> Hi,
> I'm getting weird errors while trying to install openindiana 151a on a
> Dell R715 with a PERC H200 (based on an LSI SAS 2008). Any time the OS
> tries to access the drives (for whatever reason), I get this dumped into
> syslog:
> genunix: WARNING: Device
> /pci@0,0/pci1002,5a18@4/pci10b58424@0/pci10b5,8624@0/pci1028,1f1e@0/iport@40/d
> isk@w50000c0f01004ebe,0
> failed to power up
> genunix: WARNING: Device
> /pci@0,0/pci1002,5a18@4/pci10b58424@0/pci10b5,8624@0/pci1028,1f1e@0/iport@80/d
> isk@w50000c0f01064e9e,0
> failed to power up
> (these are two WD 300GB 10k SAS drives)
> When this log message shows up, I can see each drive light up the drive
> LED briefly and then it turns off, so apparently the OS tried to
> initialize the drives, but somehow failed and gave up.
> Consequently, when I try and access them in format(1), they show up as
> an unknown type and installing openindiana on them fails while the
> installer is trying to do fdisk.
> Has anybody got any idea what I can do to the controller/drives/whatever
> to fix the "failed to power up" problem? One would think that a LSI SAS
> 2008 chip would be problem free under Solaris (the server even lists
> Oracle Solaris as an officially supported OS), but alas, I have yet to
> succeed.
> Cheers,
> --
> Saso
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