On 05/16/2012 09:45 AM, Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> are those DELL branded WD disks? DELL tends to manipulate the firmware of
> the drives so that power handling with Solaris fails. If this is the case
> here:
> Easiest way to make it work is to modify /kernel/drv/sd.conf and add an
> entry
> for your specific drive similar to this
> sd-config-list= "WD      WD2000FYYG","power-condition:false",
>                 "SEAGATE ST2000NM0001","power-condition:false",
>                 "SEAGATE ST32000644NS","power-condition:false",
>                 "SEAGATE ST91000640SS","power-condition:false";
> Naturally you would have to find out the correct drive names. My latest
> version for a R710 with a MD1200 attached is:
> sd-config-list="SEAGATE ST2000NM0001","power-condition:false",
>         "SEAGATE ST1000NM0001","power-condition:false",
>         "SEAGATE ST91000640SS","power-condition:false";
> Are you using the H200 with the base firmware or did you flash it to LSI IT?
> I am not sure that Solaris handles the H200 natively at all and if then it
> will not have direct drive access since the H200 will only show virtual
> drives to Solaris/OI will it not?
> Kind regards,
>    JP
> PS: These are not my findings. Cudos to Sergei (tehc...@gmail.com) and
> Niklas Tungström.

One thing came up while trying this - I'm on a text install image
system, so my / is a ramdisk. Any ideas how I can change the sd.conf on
the USB disk or reload the driver configuration on the fly? I tried
looking for the file on the USB drive, but it isn't in the rootfs
(perhaps it's tucked away in some compressed filesystem image). Thanks!

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