There's something going on then.  I have 7x 3TB disk at home, in
raidz3, so about 12TB usable.  2.5TB actually used.  Scrubbing takes
about 2.5 hours.  I had done the resilvering as well, and that did not
take 15 hours/drive.  Copying 3TBs onto 2.5" SATA drives did take more
than a day, but a 2.5" drive's performance is about 1/4 of the 3.5"
drives from the limited testing I've done.

Additionally, if you're only replacing one drive at a time, you're
only resilvering 250GB at a time, regardless of the size of the new

If you already have 45X 3TB drives waiting to go in, bite the bullet
and get that eSATA cage, since you want to re-do your zpools.  You can
reuse it for offsite backups in the future.

As a side note, on my x4540, I get writes of up to 1.2
gigabytes/second (but that's just writing zeros to an uncompressed
pool).  Real performance is lower, of course.

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