On Wed, 16 May 2012, Jim Klimov wrote:

Your idea actually evolved for me into another (#7?), which
is simple and apparent enough to be ingenious ;)
DO use the partitions, but split the "2.73Tb" drives into a
roughly "2.5Tb" partition followed by a "250Gb" partition of
the same size as vdevs of the original old pool. Then the
new drives can replace a dozen of original small disks one
by one, in a one-to-one fashion resilvering, with no worsening
of the situation in regard of downtime or original/new pools'
integrity tradeoffs (in fact, several untrustworthy old disks
will be replaced by newer ones).

I like this idea since it allows running two complete pools on the same disks without using files. Due to using partitions, the disk write cache will be disabled unless you specifically enable it.

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