On 05/17/12 02:53 AM, Paul Kraus wrote:
     I have a small server at home (HP Proliant Micro N36) that I use
for file, DNS, DHCP, etc. services. I currently have a zpool of four
mirrored 1 TB Seagate ES2 SATA drives. Well, it was a zpool of four
until last night when one of the drives died. ZFS did it's job and all
the data is still OK.

     The drive is still under warranty and is going back to Seagate,
but it raised an issue. I want to pick up a spare drive or two so that
I don't have to wait for shipping delays when a drive fails. I was
just going to pick up another 1 TB ES2 or two, but I find that those
drives are no longer available (I bought mine in 2009, warranty is up
in 2014).

     What do people like today for 7x24 operation SATA drives? I am
willing to consider 2TB, but don't really need the extra capacity (but
if that is all the market offers, I don't have to use the other half
:-) I found a Seagate Constellation ES 2 TB for about $350 (which is
more than I really want to spend, I got the ES2 1TB drives for about
$130 when I bought them). I have been sticking with Seagate as I am
comfortable with them, but am willing to look at others. The only
thing I insist on is that the drive be rated for 7x24 operation.

I wouldn't be too fussed about 7x24 rating in a home server.

I still have a set of 10 regular Seagate drives I bought in 2007 that were spinning non stop for four years in a very hostile environment (my garage!). They simply refuse to die and I'm still using them in various test systems.


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