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>    What do people like today for 7x24 operation SATA drives? I am
> willing to consider 2TB, but don't really need the extra capacity (but
> if that is all the market offers, I don't have to use the other half
> :-) I found a Seagate Constellation ES 2 TB for about $350 (which is
> more than I really want to spend, I got the ES2 1TB drives for about
> $130 when I bought them). I have been sticking with Seagate as I am
> comfortable with them, but am willing to look at others. The only
> thing I insist on is that the drive be rated for 7x24 operation.

I got uncomfortable with the way Seagate handled that whole 1.5TB
firmware issue, and then there was a recent crop of 3TB drives that
had issues, but those were consumer, not 7x24 drives.

I would take a look at Hitachi, since that's what Sun put in my x4540.
 I've also had some luck with the samsungs.

One interesting thing I saw (I have 4x3TB samsungs and 3x 3TB seagates
in one zfs pool) is that the SMART counters climb very fast for 2 or 3
of the counters.  I don't recall which offhand, but if you have a
chance, I'd like to validate if it's my drive, or if it's normal.


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