On May 28, 2012, at 5:48 AM, Nathan Kroenert wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Looking to get some larger drives for one of my boxes. It runs exclusively 
> ZFS and has been using Seagate 2TB units up until now (which are 512 byte 
> sector).
> Anyone offer up suggestions of either 3 or preferably 4TB drives that 
> actually work well with ZFS out of the box? (And not perform like rubbish)...
> I'm using Oracle Solaris 11 , and would prefer not to have to use a hacked up 
> zpool to create something with ashift=12.
> Thoughts on the best drives - or is Solaris 11 actually ready to go with 
> whatever I throw at it? :)

Ashift is set automatically if the disk is truly 4k sector only (and doesn't 
lie). This has been true for
ZFS for a very, very long time.
 -- richard

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