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On May 28, 2012, at 5:48 AM, Nathan Kroenert wrote:

Hi folks,

Looking to get some larger drives for one of my boxes. It runs exclusively ZFS and has been using Seagate 2TB units up until now (which are 512 byte sector).

Anyone offer up suggestions of either 3 or preferably 4TB drives that actually work well with ZFS out of the box? (And not perform like rubbish)...

I'm using Oracle Solaris 11 , and would prefer not to have to use a hacked up zpool to create something with ashift=12.

Thoughts on the best drives - or is Solaris 11 actually ready to go with whatever I throw at it? :)

Ashift is set automatically if the disk is truly 4k sector only (and doesn't lie). This has been true for
ZFS for a very, very long time.
 -- richard

Hi Richard,

Indeed - and this is the very reason I asked for suggestions of drives, as I'm yet to find a computer shop that's happy for me to plug things in to check if they report 512b or 4k. (Can't imagine why ;)

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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