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> Now, I will run a scrub once more to veryfy the zpool.

If you have a drive (or two drives) with bad sectors, they will only be
detected as long as the bad sectors get used.  Given that your pool is less
than 100% full, it means you might still have bad hardware going undetected,
if you pass your scrub.

You might consider creating a big file (dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile.junk
bs=1024k) and then when you're out of disk space, scrub again.  (Obviously,
you would be unable to make new writes to pool as long as it's filled...)

And since certain types of checksum errors will only occur when you *change*
the bits on disk, repeat the same test.  rm bigfile.junk ; dd
if=/dev/urandom of=bigfile.junk bs=1024k   and then scrub again.

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