Am 29.05.12 18:59, schrieb Richard Elling:
On May 29, 2012, at 8:12 AM, Cindy Swearingen wrote:


You don't see what release this is but I think that seeing the checkum
error accumulation on the spare was a zpool status formatting bug that
I have seen myself. This is fixed in a later Solaris release.

Once again, Cindy beats me to it :-)

Verify that the ereports are logged against the original device and not the spare. If there are no ereports for the spare, then Cindy gets the prize :-)
 -- richard

Yeah, I verified that the error reports were only logged against the original device, as I stated earlier, so Cindy wins! :) If now I'd only knew how to get the actual S11 release level of my box. Neither uname -a nor cat /etc/release does give me a clue, since they display all the same data when run on different hosts that are on different updates.




On 05/28/12 22:21, Stephan Budach wrote:
Hi all,

just to wrap this issue up: as FMA didn't report any other error than
the one which led to the degradation of the one mirror, I detached the
original drive from the zpool which flagged the mirror vdev as ONLINE
(although there was still a cksum error count of 23 on the spare drive).

Afterwards I attached the formerly degraded drive again to the good
drive in that mirror and let the resilver finish, which didn't show any
errors at all. Finally I detached the former spare drive and re-added it
as a spare drive again.

Now, I will run a scrub once more to veryfy the zpool.

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