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> Advantages to true newsgroup?
> THREADS!  If you wait until a thread is finished, you can then see the entire 
> thread, and if you want, you can download the whole thing, or just parts 
> thereof.
> Great for learning, if you're mostly a lurker, not posting answers.
> That's vastly simpler than getting a thousand emails, saving them all in a 
> file, and then having to sort them by subject-line (modified so "RE:", etc 
> are ignored in sort key), to get them grouped by zfs-topic.  What a pain.

.. or use a mail reader that doesn't suck.

> When via a powerful newsreader (I use trn4), all of that is done for you 
> automatically.

mutt is probably pretty close.

> Furthermore, at least one newsreader, trn4, via its "t" (tree) command, will 
> draw a tree (rooted at the right side of the page, but the text oriented so 
> you can read right-side-up, without turning your head sideways) so you can 
> pursue topics, can see how they lay out, or better yet, delete, say, flame 
> subthreads (surely not a problem with zfs-discuss).
> Besides that, you don't have posts hitting your regular email list, diluting 
> the urgent stuff you really do have to respond to, making it easier to miss 
> that stuff.
> Lets you keep newsgroup-TYPE stuff (eg zfs-discuss email) separate from 
> true-email stuff.

It's called "mail filtering".

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> QUESTION: how much effort (for someone who already knows how, has done it 
> before) to create a newsgroup that mirrors a listserv?
> Once done, all anyone has to do is request from his friendly isp (mine is 
> panix.com, *very* friendly) to support that new newsgroup.
> Name it something like comp.unix.solaris.zfs.
> Or just have it all go to comp.unix.solaris, which of course already exists.
> Anyway, I hope I've answered your question.
> Cheers!
> David
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> > Actual newsgroup for zfs-discuss?
> Actually, no. Where's the value in having a newsgroup as well as a mailing 
> list?
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Good to know, I better trust this info - just like spam that says it's
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