You're describing primarily client differences, not server/service differences. Some people have been using the same tools for mail and for news for years, with the same benefits to each.

Right now I'm posting through GMane's NNTP interface, only to show that you can. nntp:// . Normally I read it as a list (using mutt), because there I get the entire thread, and it's downloaded in full, whether I'm lurking or posting answers, and they're saved in a separate folder separate from my inbox, separate from my true-email stuff.

And I don't have to use trn4!  Gak, that was a horrible waste of trn3.

On 6/11/12 4:55 PM, David Combs wrote:
Advantages to true newsgroup?

THREADS!  If you wait until a thread is finished, you can then see the entire 
thread, and if you want, you can download the whole thing, or just parts 

Great for learning, if you're mostly a lurker, not posting answers.

That's vastly simpler than getting a thousand emails, saving them all in a file, and then 
having to sort them by subject-line (modified so "RE:", etc are ignored in sort 
key), to get them grouped by zfs-topic.  What a pain.

When via a powerful newsreader (I use trn4), all of that is done for you 

Furthermore, at least one newsreader, trn4, via its "t" (tree) command, will 
draw a tree (rooted at the right side of the page, but the text oriented so you can read 
right-side-up, without turning your head sideways) so you can pursue topics, can see how 
they lay out, or better yet, delete, say, flame subthreads (surely not a problem with 

Besides that, you don't have posts hitting your regular email list, diluting 
the urgent stuff you really do have to respond to, making it easier to miss 
that stuff.

Lets you keep newsgroup-TYPE stuff (eg zfs-discuss email) separate from 
true-email stuff.


QUESTION: how much effort (for someone who already knows how, has done it 
before) to create a newsgroup that mirrors a listserv?

Once done, all anyone has to do is request from his friendly isp (mine is, *very* friendly) to support that new newsgroup.

Name it something like comp.unix.solaris.zfs.

Or just have it all go to comp.unix.solaris, which of course already exists.

Anyway, I hope I've answered your question.



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Actual newsgroup for zfs-discuss?

Actually, no. Where's the value in having a newsgroup as well as a mailing list?

James C. McPherson
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