2012-06-12 16:20, Roch Bourbonnais wrote:

Scrubs are run at very low priority and yield very quickly in the presence of 
other work.
So I really would not expect to see scrub create any impact on an other type of 
storage activity.
Resilvering will more aggressively push forward on what is has to do, but 
resilvering does not need to
read any of the  data blocks on the non-resilvering vdevs.

Thanks, I agree - and that's important to notice, at least
on the current versions of ZFS :)

What I meant to stress that if a "scrub of one disk takes
5 hours" (whichever way that measurement can be made, such
as making a 1-disk pool with same data distribution), then
there are physical reasons why a 100-disk pool probably
would take some way more than 5 hours to scrub; or at least
which bottlenecks should be paid attention to in order to
minimize such increase in scrub time.

Also, yes, presence of pool activity would likely delay
the scrub completion time, perhaps even more noticeably.

//Jim Klimov
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