2012-06-12 16:45, Roch Bourbonnais wrote:

The process should be scalable.
Scrub all of the data on one disk using one disk worth of IOPS
Scrub all of the data on N disks  using N  disk's worth of IOPS.

THat will take ~ the same total time.

IF the uplink or processing power or some other bottleneck does
not limit that (i.e. a single 4-lane SAS link to the daisy-chain
of 100 or 200 disks would likely impose a bandwidth bottleneck).

I know that well-engineered servers spec'ed by a vendor/integrator
for the customer's tasks and environment, such as those from Sun,
are built to avoid such apparent bottlenecks. But people who
construct their own storage should know of (and try to avoid)
such possible problem-makers ;)

Thanks, Roch,
//Jim Klimov
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