The process should be scalable.
Scrub all of the data on one disk using one disk worth of IOPS 
Scrub all of the data on N disks  using N  disk's worth of IOPS.

THat will take ~ the same total time. 

Le 12 juin 2012 à 08:28, Jim Klimov a écrit :

> 2012-06-12 16:20, Roch Bourbonnais wrote:
>> Scrubs are run at very low priority and yield very quickly in the presence 
>> of other work.
>> So I really would not expect to see scrub create any impact on an other type 
>> of storage activity.
>> Resilvering will more aggressively push forward on what is has to do, but 
>> resilvering does not need to
>> read any of the  data blocks on the non-resilvering vdevs.
> Thanks, I agree - and that's important to notice, at least
> on the current versions of ZFS :)
> What I meant to stress that if a "scrub of one disk takes
> 5 hours" (whichever way that measurement can be made, such
> as making a 1-disk pool with same data distribution), then
> there are physical reasons why a 100-disk pool probably
> would take some way more than 5 hours to scrub; or at least
> which bottlenecks should be paid attention to in order to
> minimize such increase in scrub time.
> Also, yes, presence of pool activity would likely delay
> the scrub completion time, perhaps even more noticeably.
> Thanks,
> //Jim Klimov
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