On 07/11/2012 04:27 PM, Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> Unfortunately, the government imagines that people are using their home 
> computers to compute hashes and try and decrypt stuff.  Look at what is 
> happening with GPUs these days.  People are hooking up 4 GPUs in their 
> computers and getting huge performance gains.  5-6 char password space 
> covered in a few days.  12 or so chars would take one machine a couple of 
> years if I recall.  So, if we had 20 people with that class of machine, we'd 
> be down to a few months.   I'm just suggesting that while the compute space 
> is still huge, it's not actually undoable, it just requires some thought into 
> how to approach the problem, and then some time to do the computations.
> Huge space, but still finite…

There are certain physical limits which one cannot exceed. For instance,
you cannot store 2^256 units of 32-byte quantities in Earth. Even if you
used proton spin (or some other quantum property) to store a bit, there
simply aren't enough protons in the entire visible universe to do it.
You will never ever be able to search a 256-bit memory space using a
simple exhaustive search. The reason why our security hashes are so long
(256-bits, 512-bits, more...) is because attackers *don't* do an
exhaustive search.

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