My experience has always been that ZFS tries hard to keep you from doing 
something wrong when devices are failing or otherwise unavailable.  With 
mirrors, it will import with a device missing from a mirror vdev.   I don't use 
cache or log devices in my mainly storage pools, so I've not seen a failure 
with a "required" device like that missing.  But, I've seen problems with a 
raid-z missing and the pool not coming on line.

As Richard says, it would seem there is a cache or log vdev missing since it is 
showing 1 of 2 mirrored devices in that vdev missing, but still complaining 
about a missing device.

The older OS and ZFS version may in fact have a misbehavior due to some error 
condition not being correctly managed.

Gregg Wonderly

On Aug 2, 2012, at 4:49 PM, Richard Elling <> wrote:

> On Aug 1, 2012, at 12:21 AM, Suresh Kumar wrote:
>> Dear ZFS-Users,
>> I am using Solarisx86 10u10, All the devices which are belongs to my zpool 
>> are in available state .
>> But I am unable to import the zpool.
>> #zpool import tXstpool
>> cannot import 'tXstpool': one or more devices is currently unavailable
>> ======================
>> bash-3.2# zpool import
>>   pool: tXstpool
>>     id: 13623426894836622462
>>  state: UNAVAIL
>> status: One or more devices are missing from the system.
>> action: The pool cannot be imported. Attach the missing
>>         devices and try again.
>>    see:
>> config:
>>         tXstpool                     UNAVAIL  missing device
>>           mirror-0                   DEGRADED
>>             c2t210100E08BB2FC85d0s0  FAULTED  corrupted data
>>             c2t210000E08B92FC85d2    ONLINE
>>         Additional devices are known to be part of this pool, though their
>>         exact configuration cannot be determined.
> This message is your clue. The pool is missing a device. In most of the cases
> where I've seen this, it occurs on older ZFS implementations and the missing
> device is an auxiliary device: cache or spare.
>  -- richard
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