On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 7:16 PM, Ian Collins <i...@ianshome.com> wrote:

> On 09/13/12 10:23 AM, Timothy Coalson wrote:
>> Unless i'm missing something, they didn't solve the "matching snapshots"
>> thing yet, from their site:
>> "To Do:
>> Additional error handling for mismatched snapshots (last destination snap
>> no longer exists on the source) walk backwards through the remote snaps
>> until a common snapshot is found and destroy non-matching remote snapshots"
> That's what I do as party of my "destroy snapshots not on the source"
> check.  Over many years of managing various distributed systems, I've
> discovered the apparently simple tends to get complex!

I tricked the auto-snapshot service into doing that bit for me on the
receiving end, so I can just use zfs send -I, however due to when it
decides to do the cleanup for each category (it won't clean up any old
daily snapshots unless the auto-snapshot property is true when it is time
to take a daily snap), adding it to cron requires more care than I'd like.
 Since I am only replicating between two hosts, though, I can deal with it.
 I have been tempted to write a cron script to replace the auto-snap
service, to remove its naming classes, cleanup oddities, etc, but haven't
had a good reason to yet.

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