2012-10-04 19:48, Richard Elling wrote:
2. CARP.

This exists as part of the OHAC project.
  -- richard

Wikipedia says CARP is the open-source equivalent of VRRP.
And we have that in OI, don't we? Would it suffice?

# pkg info -r vrrp
          Name: system/network/routing/vrrp
       Summary: Solaris VRRP protocol
   Description: Solaris VRRP protocol service
      Category: System/Administration and Configuration
         State: Not installed
     Publisher: openindiana.org
       Version: 0.5.11
 Build Release: 5.11
Packaging Date: Sat Jun 30 20:01:06 2012
          Size: 275.57 kB
FMRI: pkg://openindiana.org/system/network/routing/vrrp@0.5.11,5.11-

//Jim Klimov

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