Good morning.

I am in the process of planning a system which will have 2 ZFS servers, one
on site, one off site. The on site server will be used by workstations and
servers in house, and most of that will stay in house. There will, however,
be data i want backed up somewhere else, which is where the offsite server
comes in... This server will be sitting in a Data Center and will have some
storage available to it (the whole server currently has 2 3Tb drives,
though they are not dedicated to the ZFS box, they are on VMware ESXi).
There is then some storage (currently 100Gb, but more can be requested) of
SFTP enabled backup which i plan to use for some snapshots, but more on
that later.

Anyway, i want to confirm my plan and make sure i am not missing anything

* build server in house with storage, pools, etc...
* have a server in data center with enough storage for its reason, plus the
extra for offsite backup
* have one pool set as my "offsite" pool... anything in here should be
backed up off site also...
* possibly have another set as "very offsite" which will also be pushed to
the SFTP server, but not sure...
* give these pools out via SMB/NFS/iSCSI
* every 6 or so hours take a snapshot of the 2 offsite pools.
* do a ZFS send to the data center box
* nightly, on the very offsite pool, do a ZFS send to the SFTP server
* if anything goes wrong (my server dies, DC server dies, etc), Panic,
download, pray... the usual... :)

Anyway, I want to make sure i am doing this correctly... Is there anything
on that list that sounds stupid or am i doing anything wrong? am i missing

Also, as a follow up question, but slightly unrelated, when it comes to the
ZFS Send, i could use SSH to do the send, directly to the machine... Or i
could upload the compressed, and possibly encrypted dump to the server...
Which, for resume-ability and speed, would be suggested? And if i where to
go with an upload option, any suggestions on what i should use?

Tiernan O'Toole
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