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I do have to suffer a slow, glitchy WAN to a remote server and rather than
send stream files, I broke the data on the remote server into a more fine
grained set of filesystems than I would do normally.  In this case, I made the
directories under what would have been the leaf filesystems filesystems

Meaning you also broke the data on the LOCAL server into the same set of
more granular filesystems?  Or is it now possible to zfs send a subdirectory of
a filesystem?
"zfs create" instead of "mkdir"

As Ian said - he didn't zfs send subdirs, he made filesystems where he 
otherwise would have used subdirs.

That right.

I do have a lot of what would appear to be unnecessary filesystems, but after loosing the WAN 3 days into a large transfer, a change of tactic was required!


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