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>> From: Richard Elling [mailto:richard.ell...@gmail.com]
>> Read it again he asked, "On that note, is there a minimal user-mode zfs thing
>> that would allow
>> receiving a stream into an image file?"  Something like:
>>      zfs send ... | ssh user@host "cat > file"
> He didn't say he wanted to cat to a file.  But it doesn't matter.  It was 
> only clear from context, responding to the advice of "zfs receive"ing into a 
> zpool-in-a-file, that it was clear he was asking about doing a "zfs receive" 
> into a file, not just cat.  If you weren't paying close attention to the 
> thread, it would be easy to misunderstand what he was asking for.

Pedantically, a pool can be made in a file, so it works the same...

> When he asked for "minimal user-mode" he meant, something less than a 
> full-blown OS installation just for the purpose of zfs receive.  He went on 
> to say, he was considering zfs-fuse-on-linux.

... though I'm not convinced zfs-fuse supports files, whereas illumos/Solaris 
Perhaps a linux fuse person can respond.
 -- richard



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