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> Pedantically, a pool can be made in a file, so it works the same...

Pool can only be made in a file, by a system that is able to create a pool.  
Point is, his receiving system runs linux and doesn't have any zfs; his 
receiving system is remote from his sending system, and it has been suggested 
that he might consider making an iscsi target available, so the sending system 
could "zpool create" and "zfs receive" directly into a file or device on the 
receiving system, but it doesn't seem as if that's going to be possible for him 
- he's expecting to transport the data over ssh.  So he's looking for a way to 
do a "zfs receive" on a linux system, transported over ssh.  Suggested answers 
so far include building a VM on the receiving side, to run openindiana (or 
whatever) or using zfs-fuse-linux. 

He is currently writing his "zfs send" datastream into a series of files on the 
receiving system, but this has a few disadvantages as compared to doing "zfs 
receive" on the receiving side.  Namely, increased risk of data loss and less 
granularity for restores.  For these reasons, it's been suggested to find a way 
of receiving via "zfs receive" and he's exploring the possibilities of how to 
improve upon this situation.  Namely, how to "zfs receive" on a remote linux 
system via ssh, instead of cat'ing or redirecting into a series of files.

There, I think I've recapped the whole thread now.   ;-)

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