On Fri, 26 Oct 2012, Jerry Kemp wrote:

Thanks for the SIIG pointer, most of the stuff I had archived from this
list pointed to LSI products.

I poked around on the site and reviewed SIIG's SATA and SAS HBA.  I also
hit up their search engine.  I'm not implying I did an all inclusive
search, but nothing I came across on their site indicated any type of
Solaris or *Solaris distro support.

What is important is if Solaris supports the card. I have no idea if Solaris supports any of their cards.

Did I miss something on the site?  Or maybe one of their sales people
let you know this stuff worked with Solaris?  Or should it "just work"
as long as it meets SAS or SATA standards?

They might not even know what Solaris is. Actually, they might since this outfit previously made the USB/FireWire combo card used in SPARC and Intel Sun workstations. It seems likely that SATA boards would work if they support the standard AHCI interface. I would not take any chance with unknown SAS.

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