Thanks for everyone's comments.

I went ahead and have placed an order for one of these, based on the
comments provided.  I did order it through Amazon instead of

I will do a summary once the part arrives, and I have it installed in my


On 10/26/12 10:02 AM, Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> I've been using this card
> for my Solaris/Open Indiana installations because it has 8 ports.
> One
of the issues that this card seems to have, is that certain failures can
cause other secondary problems in other drives on the same SAS
connector. I use mirrors for my storage machines with 4 pairs, and just
put half the mirror on one side and the other drive on the other side.
This, in general, has solved my problems. When a drive fails, I might
see more than one drive no functioning. I can remove (I use hot swap
bays such as a
drive, and restore the other to the pool to find which of the failed
drives is actually the problem. What had happened before, was that my
case was not moving enough air, and the hot drives had caused odd
problems with failure.
> For the money, and the experience I have with these controllers, I'd
still use them, they are 3GBs controllers. If you want 6GBs controllers,
then some of the other suggestions might be a better choice for you.

> Gregg
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