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I have to admit Ned's (what do I call you?)idea is interesting.  I may give
it a try...

Yup, officially Edward, most people call me Ned.

I contributed to the OI VirtualBox instructions.  See here:

Jim's vboxsvc is super powerful

Thanks for kudos, and I'd also welcome some on the SourceForge
project page :)


> for now, if you find it confusing in any way, just ask for help here. (Right Jim?)

I'd prefer the questions and discussion on vboxsvc to continue in
the VirtualBox forum, so it's all in one place for other users too.
It is certainly an offtopic for the lists about ZFS, so I won't
take this podium for too long :)


> One of these days I'm planning to contribute a "Quick Start" guide to vboxsvc,

I agree that the README might need cleaning up, so far it is like a
snowball growing with details and new features. Perhaps some part
should be separated into a concise quick-start guide that would
not scare people off by the sheer amount of letters ;)

I don't think I can point to a chapter and say "Take this as the
QuickStart" :(

> - But at first I found it overwhelming, mostly due to unfamiliarity with SMF.

The current README does, however, provide an overview of SMF as was
needed by some of the inquiring users, and an example on command-line
creation of a service to wrap a VM. A feature to do this by the script
itself is pending, somewhat indefinitely.

Also note that for OI desktop users in particular (and likely for
other OpenSolaris-based OSes with X11 too), I'm now adding features
to ease management of VMs that are not executed headless, but rather are "interactive". Now these can too be wrapped as SMF services to
automate shutdown and/or backgrounding into headless mode and back.
I made and use this myself to enter other OSes on my laptop that
are dual-bootable and can run in VBox as well as on hardware.
There is also a new "foregrounding" startgui mode that can trap the
signals which stop its terminal, and properly savestate or shutdown
the VM, as well as this wraps taking of ZFS snapshots for VM disk
resources, if applicable. There is also a mode where this spawns
a dedicated xterm for the script's execution; by closing the xterm
you can properly stop the VM with the preselected method of your
choice with one click, before you log out of X11 session.

However, this part of my work was almost in vain - the end of X11
session happens as a bruteforce close of X-connections, so the
interactive GUIs just die before they can process any signals.
This makes sense for networked X-servers that can't really send
signals to remote client OSes, but is rather stupid for local OS.
I hope the desktop environment gurus might come up with something.

Or perhaps I'll come up with an SMF wrapper for X sessions that the
"vbox startgui" feature could "depend" on, and the close of a session
would be an SMF disablement. Hopefully, spawned local X-clients would
also be under the SMF contract and would get chances to stop properly :)

Anyway, if anybody else is interested in the new features described
above - check out the code repository for the vboxsvc project (this
is not yet so finished as to publish a new package version):


See you in the VirtualBox forum thread if you do have questions :)
//Jim Klimov

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